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Friday, September 21, 2007

Marrickville Festival 2007

Chorizo in a roll $5.50
from Mojo Picon

It's been a while between posts, which is why I'm only just getting around to posting pictures from the Marrickville Festival which took place two weeks ago.

Marrickville has always been a vibrant ethnically diverse community, but wandering through the crowds it was clear that it's a suburb definitely on the way up. Modern apartment blocks have brought a proliferation of trendy cafes, and although there are still plenty of Vietnamese butchers and Asian grocery stores, I did feel a little wistful for the Fosseys and Scarf's days of yore.

Giant bubbles

But then so too has Marrickville Festival grown in size and variety. Jumping castles, amusement rides, a music stage, reptile shows and all manner of food, drink and fairy floss kept the kids (and kids at heart) entertained and happy.

I liked the giant bubble man the best. A bucket of detergent and a length of rope was all he needed. Sometimes the simplest things are the biggest delight of all.

The Marrickville Festival takes place once a year, usually in mid-September.

This year's Festival was held on Sunday, September 9, 2007.

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