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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2007: The Food


The Sydney Royal Easter Show has always had a focus on animals, but for us it's always been about the food.

Old-fashioned lemonade $5.50 large

First on the list: a giant cup of old-fashioned lemonade to quench our thirst. This was refreshing but I really pined for a lot more lemon in mine, the Titanic-sized hunk of ice only further diluting what little lemon tang existed.

cheese on a stick
Cheese on a stick $3.50

Next, we had to have a cheese on a stick. I have chocolatesuze to thank for this revelation, somehow I'd never before noticed this deep-fried enigma.

cheese on a stick inside
Inside the cheese on a stick

A golden crusted batter--much like a pluto pup--was sweet and pancakey, containing a stretchy wad of oozing tasty cheese within. "It tastes like a pikelet with cheese," I told Veruca, "with extra sugar and salt."

Then it was off to the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome to check out the regional food displays:

giant pumpkin
225kg champion pumpkin

vegetable rows
Rows and rows of gleaming vegetables

Fruit and vegetables shaped into moving flowers and butterflies
- the people's favourite display as voted by the public

Skiing on an apple run


doggie trinkets
Doggie trinkets

Not far away on the dog judging lawns, the exuberant doggies were very cute and eager to please in the outdoor obstacle course. The audience ooh-ed, the audience aah-ed, and the crowd lapped it up with warm fuzzy laughter anytime a canine went in the wrong direction.

Saucing our Dagwood Dog $4.00
aka pluto pup or corn dog

More food: we needed our dagwood dog fix, even comparing the three variants from the stalls in our nearest proximity before deciding on the fattest palest offering on a stick.

All sauced and ready to go
(I like sauce)

inside the pluto pup
Inside the pluto pup / dagwood dog / corn dog

Its sweet fatty frankfurt, pancakey deep-fried exterior and lashings of bright red tomato sauce combine for a celebration of junk food at its finest. And you get to eat it on a stick. No wonder it tastes so good.

cwa tearoom
Country Women’s Association Tea Room

Final food stop: the Country Women's Association Tea Room. I'd been dying to head here after watching the recent ABC documentary on the CWA: Not just tea and scones. Somehow this was another area of the show I'd always skipped, but after watching the lovely dears on the show, their volunteer efforts, their hard work and commitment, and their amazing contribution to a wide range of services and charities, I was desperate to visit. Plus I was dying to try their much lauded scones.

Devonshire tea $6.00
Two scones with jam and cream and tea/coffee

Oh they were good. On the documentary, they'd mentioned that the turnover of scones is so high they serve them barely ten minutes out of the oven. These were still warm and the best scones I've had. Soft, moist and almost bun-like, these were floaty feather-light numbers that belied the simplicity of their ingredients.

Thank you Muriel and Elizabeth and Maude. You may not just provide tea and scones, but boy thousands of Sydneysiders are glad you do.

ferris wheel

Next and final post: the magnificent decorated cakes in the Arts Pavilion

The Sydney Royal Easter Show runs from April 5-18, 2007 at the Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park.

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posted by Anonymous on 4/11/2007 11:24:00 pm


  • At 4/12/2007 1:15 am, Blogger Jess (fushmush) said…

    mmm cheese on a stick... It was always one of my favourite things about the Easter show (but there are so many others really! The Easter show is ALL good!)

  • At 4/12/2007 11:11 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That lemonade is quite pricy!

  • At 4/13/2007 12:47 am, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    mmm cheese on a stick so so tasty! what day did you go to the show? i finally posted all my fotos and now im thinking i shldve done it in installments like you lol ah wells

  • At 4/13/2007 10:08 am, Blogger tara said…

    There is something about fairground food - somehow all the food snobbery goes out the window and everyone reverts back to a 12-year-old mentality. Fried cheese? Fantastic. Batter-covered hot dog? Delicious. Really, food on a stick is the most brilliant thing ever.

    Last summer a local fair over here offered chocolate covered cheesecake slices ... on the requisite stick, of course.

  • At 4/14/2007 3:21 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thank you for the CWA scones mention. I always seem to skip that part of the show too, but my boyfriend and I made sure we detoured after reading your post, and were very impressed. They were divine and delicious! Certainly went down well in soothing the tummy (along with the tea) after 3 hous of eating Cheese on a stick, 2 kinds of German hotdogs, snowcones, twisted fries, and so much more...


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