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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Se Joung, Campsie (CLOSED)

EDIT: Se Joung at this location has closed. You can read about their all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ Buffet at Se Joung in Sydney CBD.

Se Joung is an unassuming restaurant sitting on the pedestrian ramp next to a suburban Woollies. Shoppers pushing trolleys or laden with bags continually stream past this eatery marked only with a green neon sign reading "Korean Restaurant". Which is confusing for first-time visitors, considering the name of the restuarant is Se Joung. Locals know this place well though, and every night the restaurant is full of Korean families, couples and young people.

Campsie is perhaps Sydney's Little Korea and it is here where you can find authentic, cheap and honest Korean fare. We've been to Se Joung a number of times and consider it one of the best-value best-tasting Korean joints we've frequented so far (no small claim).

As always, we ordered the pajeon or seafood pancake--an enormous dinner-plate-sized serving of pancake batter bursting with prawns, calamari, spring onions and mushrooms. The pancake is light and crispy and golden brown. Although this is listed on the entrees page, this is more likely ample for four as a starter.

Pajeon--seafood and shallot pancake $11.00

An assortment of pickled vegetable side dishes will arrive at your table depending on the number of people at your table, and what they currently have available. The kimchee (chilli pickled cabbage) here is particularly potent but some, like the seaweed and bean sprouts, are free from sinus-clearing spices.

Assorted sidedish pickles, seaweed and vegetables (complimentary accompaniments)

The japchae, or potato noodle, was tasty--served with beef, capsicum, carrot and onion and scattered liberally with sesame seeds.

Japchae - stir fried potato noodle with vegetables and beef $11.00

The oxtail hotpot arrived steaming hot--the broth was faintly sweet with a touch of chilli and perfect for dousing over bowls of steaming rice. There was plenty of green vegetable in here--slightly bitter--and a couple of oxtail pieces which warranted plenty of bone-picking attention.

Hotpot of oxtail $12.00

However the highlight dish which we always order is the jeyuk bossam--a delightful roll-your-own mouthful of joy. Thin slices of boiled pork belly are placed in blanched cabbage leaves, topped with a spoonful of fiery hot kimchee and gobbled quickly. The kimchee mixture arrives with tiny oysters scattered through it, and the burst of sea-saltiness as you munch through crunchy cabbage, the pork and the chilli pickled cabbage is immensely satisfying.

If you order nothing else, make sure you order this one!

Jeyuk Bossam--kim-chi bundle of cabbage leaf with pork $20.00

The only downfall here is the service which worsens as the night progresses. We've seen customers turned away at 9.00pm when the restaurant is supposed to close at 10.30pm. We've also had half-finished drinks whisked away whilst staff hover in the background tetchily, itching to clock off.

Patrons can eat 'authentic'-style by sitting cross-legged on cushions at low tables, risking lack of sensation to the lower legs and complaining back muscles forced into action. The other half of the restaurant has the standard tables and chairs, which are always more popular for some reason!

This is good food at unbelieveable value. Eating here will painfully distend your belly for under $20.

Our tip: Order the jeyuk bossam and don't eat here too late and/or linger. Best to eat early and leave with a grin.

Se Joung on Urbanspoon

Se Joung CLOSED 
You can read about their all-you-can-eat Korean BBQ Buffet at Se Joung in Sydney CBD

68-72 Evaline Street, Campsie
(next to Woolworths)
Tel: 02 9718 4039
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posted by Anonymous on 11/18/2004 11:59:00 pm


  • At 6/15/2009 12:02 am, Anonymous flying piig said…

    hi Helen, i've tried Bakehouse Garden and Bassim and really enjoyed these 2 restos, but I havent tried Se Joung. Will you say Se Joung is better than the 2 aforementioned places? I am taking my overseas friend to try Korean food, hence just wanna make sure we have an enjoyable night.

  • At 6/15/2009 12:31 am, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Flying Piig - I haven't been to either Bakehouse Garden nor Bassim, so hard to tell! :) I've looked at both online and Se Joung is definitely not as trendy/new/shiny as the other two. It's quite a tiny restaurant - seats 20 on mats and 20 on tables from memory? I guess it depends on what they're looking for, but I've yet to find a version of Jeyuk Bossam better than the one here - I love the tiny oysters which pop in the mouth with briny flavour!

  • At 3/16/2010 10:50 pm, Anonymous Latso said…

    Man, I went to this place years and years ago (actually, probably around the time you blogged it).

    It was great, thanks for the reminder, I must go back one day

  • At 3/18/2010 6:01 pm, Blogger Helen (Grab Your Fork) said…

    Hi Latso - I've been to Se Joung a couple of times but have to yet to get around to uploading the photos. It's a great little local spot and I do love their bossam - the best I've ever had!


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